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Mental disorders – such as Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Alcoholism, Panic Disorder, ADD – are more severe and usually require medication to minimize the symptoms. A great picture would be someone with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome …  read more…

The Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers in the U.S. …
Medicaid records in some states show infants less than a year old on drugs for mental disorders. The use of powerful antipsychotics with privately insured children, aged 2 through5 in the US, doubled between 1999 and 2007, according to …  read more…

Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are Affected by …
Mental health is the second largest area of illness (after orthopedic problems) for which veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan seek treatment at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. Veterans and their families face a wide …  read more…

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Panic Disorder Symptoms And Treatments
Symptoms Of Panic Disorder
Panic Disorder, mental illness in which a person experiences repeated, unexpected panic attacks and persistent anxiety about the possibility that the panic attacks w…  read more…

Why it is Important to Find Panic Attack Help
It is normal to live with anxiety; everyone will experience it at some point in their life. However, if anxiety becomes severe, you may want to seek panic attacks help. How do you know when you need h…  read more…

Quit Smoking – 5 Reasons Why You Cannot Quit Smoking
Why is quitting smoking such a difficult thing to do long term? Many people stop smoking for a few days or weeks at most and then start right back in. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you are likely to…  read more…


race marble

This is race marble competition in mental illness hospital bangli, bali-Indonesia
Race marble do it by patient mental disorders in mental illness hospital to celebrate freedom day Indonesian country

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Some Politicians with mental health disorders!
In NPP it has become a fashion, as in many case, for their politicians to turn a blind eyes to modern civilization and looted the country at a rate faster than the flash of detonated warhead because they needed the funds to support their greedy criminal gangs, cult and narcissistic lives.  read more…

Family-driven mental health care for kids
others also read… Dr. Betty Tangs move was a loss to Chilliwack. Fortunately, through the magic of video conferencing kids with mental health conditions are still able to get her treatment even though she is sits in a room in Vancouver.  read more…

Mental disorder: Few Sabahans seek treatment
KOTA KINABALU: Less than one per cent of Sabahans with mental disorder seek treatment due to the stigma attached.  read more…

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Open Question: What are the answers to these questions?
I only have 30 minutes left to finish this and hand this in to my professor. Giving me answer to even one of them would be greatly appreciated.

One reason that people tend to believe in pseudo personality tests is because they offer both sides of a trait and people can choose to recall and believe the one that fits them better. This is called _______.
a.Self-serving bias
b.Attribution bias
c.Fallacy of positive instances
d.Illusory correlation
The purpose of the TAT is to assess ______
a.Achievement motivation and hidden needs/conflicts
b.Depressive and psychotic processes
c.Personality disorders
d.Perceptual distortions
______ is associated with both novelty-seeking and extroversion.
The personality theorists who believed in the basic goodness of individuals, and their natural tendency toward self-actualization was ______.
a.Karen Horney
b.Alfred Adler
c.Abraham Maslow
d.Carl Jung
Which of the following is an example of a prejudice?
a.All blondes are dumb
b.All men are strong
c.All Asians are smart
d.All of these options
Mr. Bundy believes that women make poor shoe salespersons, but hires a woman to sell his shoes anyway. Based on this information, which of the following is TRUE regarding Mr. Bundy?
a.He is prejudiced, but doesn’t discriminate against women
b.He discriminates, but is not prejudiced against women
c.He is prejudiced and discriminates against women
d.He hired his daughter because his wife made him.
The two MAJOR kinds of social influence are _______.
a.Low-ball and foot-in-the-door
b.Persuasion and agreement
c.Agreement and coercion
d.Conformity and obedience
The classic study showing the power of authority on people’s behavior was conducted by ____.
Milgram’s participants thought they were participating in an experiment to study the effects of
a.Obedience to authority
b.Arousal on memory
c.Punishment on learning
d.Electric shock on brain-wave activity
The results of Milgram’s research suggest that ____ will follow orders to hurt someone.
a.People who are weak-minded
b.A majority of “normal” people
d.People with mental disorders
__________ is the tendency of people to feel more positive toward a person, item, product or other stimulus that they’ve seen often.
a.Sublime Effect
b.Positive Association
c.Familiarity Effect
d.Validity Effect
e.Coercive Persuasion
The primary pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia is
c.Lithium carbonate
The Holocaust, the massacre at My Lai in Vietnam, and the California cult suicides in anticipation of the arrival of the Hale-Bopp comet were all examples of ______.
a.The influence of evil personalities
b.Obedience to authority
c.Normative social influence
d.Reference group psychosis
Zimbardo’s simulation of prison life provided a dramatic demonstration of the power of ______ on behavior.
The critical factor in deindividuation is ______.
a.Loss of self-esteem
c.Identity diffusion
d.Group cohesiveness
Zimbardo’s prison study had to stopped prior to the end of the scheduled two weeks because _______.
a.The human ethics committee objected to its effects
b.Both prisoners and guards were exhibiting alarming changes in behavior
c.Prisoners rebelled and refused to continue the experiment
d.Guards felt guilty about their behavior and asked to stop the experiment
Which of the following is NOT a situation in which groupthink can occur?
a.A military strategy session
b.A jury room
c.A couple planning to get married
d.Groupthink can occur in all these situations
Violent behavior has been linked to low levels of
a.Serotonin and GABA
b.Norepinephrine and epinephrine
Research suggests that one of the best ways to decrease prejudice is to encourage ______.
b.Friendly competition

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Open Question: Is homosexuality a mental disorder?

  read more…

Open Question: I feel like a danger to myself and anyone around me?
I feel like I have control over myself, but I have intense hallucinations and delusions often. Sometimes I swear I’ve had entire conversations with people, usually over something upsetting, only to bring it up at another time only to find out the conversation never took place, and not only did it not take place, but they don’t agree with what they said in my hallucinations. A lot of times I wonder if I’m hallucinating when I’m not, and I feel dangerous when I feel like that. I can be very volatile, and sometimes when I’m driving if I’m upset I let go of the wheel and take my foot off the break, sometimes I stop on the gas or peel out–and I never know if it’s going to happen or not, I can’t feel it come on. I’ve tried to kill people before when I’m extremely manic, and I can’t feel guilty about it. Sometimes I think I feel guilty, I say I’m sorry, but I never feel that way for long, and after I apologize I forget about the incident and move on, acting like it never happened and becoming angry if it gets brought up again. However, I know if someone tried to kill me I wouldn’t accept an apology, I would be angry if they apologized. I self harm sometimes and attack myself, feeling like I deserve to feel pain and hate myself. I’ve tried to kill myself in several different ways and fantisized about more. I’m not scared to die, and I’m not always depressed. I feel happy a lot of the time, and sometimes it makes me happy to know other people are suffering. Not in a ‘ha, I’m doing better than you’ sort of way but in a ‘oh, good, they deserve it’ sort of way. I’ve thought about it and there isn’t anyone I couldn’t kill if I wanted to, even the people I love the most. I feel like a sociopath, and I’m on various meds, like anti depressents, anti psychotics, sedatives… I also often forget where I am, what I’m doing, who I’m with, and rarely I even forget who I am or my name, I forget simple words in the middle of sentences and it takes me a long time to get the right word out, and when it comes I stutter over it a lot. The thing is, I want a good life that doesn’t involve prison, so I don’t want to hurt anyone, but only because I would be sent to prison, I don’t care how they feel being hurt. I’m not sure what to do…does what I’m saying match up with any mental disorders? My psychiatrists have thought depression but the mania and depressed cycles happen way to fast and frequent for it to be that, and I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression, possibly schizo-affective disorder.

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